Rhinestone Rebel Presents is a multifaceted company, specialising in theatre, film and music production. 

Run by a bonafide Power Couple (Glenn Moorhouse and Clare Ellen O'Connor), with a combined effort of 30 + years in the entertainment industry, RRP is constantly in demand and has had the privilege of working alongside clients such as The Sydney Opera House, The Orpheum Picture Palace, The Reservoir Room, Thousand Mile Productions, The Newsagency, Chips & Gravy Films, The Hayes Theatre Co and Brazenlot (Cobbstar Produtions). 


RRP has a broad range of skills and therefore undertakes a broad range of projects, however the thing they all have in common is that they are all powerful, original Australian projects with a lot of heart, told by people who are willing to work hard, push boundaries and defy expectations. 

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Testament Album Launch

Photo by Noni Carroll