Clare Ellen O'Connor

Director//Boss Babe

G'day, I'm Clare, the owner and Boss Babe of Rhinestone Rebel Presents. 

First and foremost, I am a performer. I have been working professionally in The Arts in some capacity since I was 16 years old. This of course means I have had periods of great success; touring, gaining roles, being on top of the world, and periods of thinking, "How long can I work in retail and still tell people I'm a performer?" 

I got sick of waiting for the phone to ring. I also got sick of seeing rehashed versions of the same old shows. I decided to write and produce a show, to see if it was a skill set I possessed. Turns out producing and marketing was a passion I never knew I had! This is how Rhinestone Rebel was born. 

I am a creative producer, passionate about assisting artists with bringing their ideas to life. I am a boss at creating unique, visually appealing marketing campaigns and I pride myself on being super transparent and approachable for my artists. 

If you are a theatre maker with an idea but you hate all the administrative, "businessy" side of putting on a show, or you work for an established show but need some help marketing, drop us a line. I would love to chat about us working together. 

Chat soon,