Paul McDermott has been fighting tyranny, injustice and enuui for 40 years, armed only with comedy and a pretty voice. Presenting a suite of beautiful damnation, and the usual standard of malarkey The Maestro will be joined by Glenn Moorhouse in this brand new spectacle of mellifluous wonder.  


Paul says of the show, ‘I will hazard a guess it will be more of the same. Overtly - the pretence that I’m grappling with universal concepts and ideas in a comedic fashion, but really every thought expressed on stage has passed through the prism of the self until it’s just rampant ego, a pretty voice and what Dr Google and friends have described as a virulent example of narcissistic alexithymia. On a positive note I will be joined on stage by Glenn, and between bouts of self-indulgent, but hopefully humorous, misery we will sing glorious songs.  

‘My decline has been rapid and visually distressing. I appear now before audience’s as a meth-addled Santa, the Kenny Rogers of sadness, a comic version of Karl Marx. I am currently the size and shape of a garden gnome, have been recently afflicted with tropia, and feel like Saddam Hussein in a storm water drain had better options available’. 

Glenn Moorhouse has enjoyed a rich and colourful 23 year career in the Australian music industry. His musical journey has delivered more twists and turns than the rugged coast lines of his island home, Tasmania. Glenn is thrilled to be working with one of his idols, Paul McDermott, although he is unsure this overgrown garden gnome is actually him.

Duration: 60 Minutes 


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Twitter @youngmasterpaul

Paul McDermott Plus One will be making its World Premiere at Adelaide Fringe 2021

 2-13 March

The Rhino Room 1/131 Pirie St, Adelaide

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