Hair, we all have it…just not in all the right places!


So we pluck, style, straighten, curl, shave, clip, lengthen, tweezer, comb, buff and wax. We’re a society obsessed with hair and how we wear it.


Plucked! is one woman’s account about shaving her head for charity and discovering being bald not only clips your curls, it also cutthroats your dignity. So she sets out to discover what it takes to f*ck the patriarchy and embrace the bald (and the bush).


Clare Ellen O’Connor is a rising star with the kind of voice that’s a hot, deep conditioner for the heart. She sets this tale to an upbeat, contemporary sound-track – including Madonna, Taylor Swift, Queen, The Cure, TLC, Tina Turner, Pink & Cindy Lauper.  Accompanied on acoustic guitar by musical director, Glenn Moorhouse.


Plucked! premiered at the 2019 Adelaide Fringe, where it won an Adelaide Fringe Festival Weekly Award.  More recently Clare was runner up at the Sydney Cabaret Festival Competition. It’s a liberating, glitter-filled, giggle-fest that will have you releasing your manes and completely reimagining beauty. Prepare to be plucked!


Written and performed by Clare Ellen O’Connor, with musical direction by Glenn (rock god and fellow baldy) Moorhouse

Plucked tile.jpg

"Plucked! is an absolute must this festival season" 


- Weekend Notes


"I laughed. I cried. I laughed so hard I cried. Plucked- you are absolute perfection"


- Audience Member

"Plucked! Will have you laughing, crying and begging for more!"

- Club Darls Varietè